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My name is ganesh pillai , I had moles in my Neck , Firstly I have consulted with the Dermatology(Allopathic) for near by 6 months but I have not got positive result , then I have came to know about the Homeopathy , So then I had searched in net, on this site http://www.sulekha.com , I had got Jigenesh parmar’s contact number from this site then I had consulted with him and started the treatment and with in two and half months its cured, He is good and friendly docotor.

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Disclaimer:These are the reviews of patients which are cured by us results and duration may vary from person to person.


Nice doctor and great dealing in treatment of disease.Full marks to him.

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Disclaimer:These are the reviews of patients which are cured by us results and duration may  vary from person to person.

Anuradha Kumar

 — 5 starDr Jignesh is a god send ..accurate diagnosis and fast treatment .. Humane and patient ... A rarity in healthcarenow a days ... And very approachable ... A family doc in every sense for me ..

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Disclaimer:These are the reviews of patients which are cured by us results and duration  may vary from person to person.


Corn and Homoeopathy:Homoeopathy cures Corn completely and permanently

Homoeopathy is the best method for cure of corn.No other method except homeopathy can cure corn completely and permanently.In 

 allopathy by using corn cap or surgical method corn can be removed but it cannnot be cured  like in homoeopathy by any 

means.All these methods are painfull and expensive compared to homoeopathy.We based at ahmedabad have designed such a great 

method of eradication of corn by the hahnemanian method which is the true method of cure in homoeopathy to completely cure 

corn from its roots and so it can never recur .Compared to allopathy it could be time consuming in homoeopathy sometimes ,but 

homeopathy is always the best and preferable method of cure for corn in this universe.

Simple explanation about corn:

What is corn?

It is some extra growth of skin which generally appears on the sole of foot or palm of hand.It is collection of the fibrous 

tissue to protect the skin from some kind of foreign body which is being impacted below the skin due to some reason.

Causes of corn:

It can occur after some injury in which a small particle may be impacted in the body .

Due to walking or working bare foot in farms or any such place where there are chances of small particles being impacted in 



Treatment of corn:

Conventional treatment of corn in allopathy or other pathies is corn cap or if it is occuring repeatedly then surgical 


In homoeopathy we cure the corn without touching it means without any sort of local application being used.We just give them 

suitable homoeopathic medicine (one of the best homoeopathic medicine after case taking and from the best homoeopathic 

pharmacy available in India) which is best homoeopathic medicine for the patient and patient is relieved by this homeopathic 

medicine at the earliest.

This type of corns are completely cured by homoeopathic medicines and do not recur again.

Please check my photos section section for images of corn cured by homeopathy both before homoeopathic treatmet being started 

and after starting the homeopathic treatment.

Want to enjoy corn free palms and soles of feet just approach us and see the charm of homeopathic treatment .

Wish you speedy recovery

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